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  • 26/01/2022
    How do You Fix a Slow Draining Drain?

    A pretty common problem for homeowners to face is a clogged drain. A slow draining sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or shower can be frustrating when the water is running. 

    If you have a blocked drain in Calgary, you're probably looking for solutions. The water might drain, but way too slow. You don't want water sitting in your sink without going down. 

    Read on to learn more about slow drain solutions for your drain.

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  • 26/01/2022
    When Should You Call a Plumber for a Clogged Drain?

    Drains are more complicated than we'd like to believe. We all run into drain problems, but not all those problems are easy to fix.

    If you have got a clogged drain in Calgary, it might be a simple fix — or not. On the one hand, you can fix minor clogs yourself. On the other hand, if you try to go the DIY route and the problem is more severe than you expected, you might end up creating an even bigger mess.

    Before you google "best plumber in Calgary," take a look at these tips. We'll tell you what clues to look for that show you that the clogged drain is out of your hands and best left to a professional. 

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  • 30/08/2021
    How Tree Roots Can Affect Your Sewer Line

    Not everyone who does yard maintenance thinks about what happens underground. You think it's enough to rake up leaves and pick up fallen branches, but the trees in your yard are also rooting their way under your home. 

    If you have a tree or two in your yard and notice problems with your sewer line, there's a good chance invasive roots are to blame. It's one of the most common reasons for a recurring clogged drain

    Here's some information on the risks to your sewer line and what you can do about a sewer back up in Calgary. 

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  • 01/07/2021
    A Guide to Common Causes of Clogged Drains at Home

    If you own or rent a home, it is likely that you have dealt with a clogged drain. In fact, clearing clogged drains accounts for a big part of the $16.4 billion plumbing industry in Canada.


    When you are dealing with a clogged drain, Calgary has a number of trained professionals to clear it. However, you can do your part to prevent clogged drains. There are certain things to avoid that will certainly help keep the drain operating smoothly.


    Read on to learn about the plumbing services Calgary has to offer. Explore a guide to the common causes of clogged drains at home.


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  • 01/07/2021
    Plumbing Issues: Warning Sounds to Beware of

    We've all experienced it before: you do some dishes, pull the plug, and the drain makes a strange gurgling noise. Or maybe you go to bed, and you hear the faucet dripping.


    While these things might all seem pretty ordinary and inconsequential, not all plumbing sounds are equal. In some cases, you might have a larger issue on your hands and not even know it!


    But how can you tell? To help you out, the following are warning sounds in your bathroom or kitchen, which, if you hear any, call The Drain Doctor for plumbing services in Calgary.


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  • 22/05/2021
    The Dos and Don’ts to DIY Plumbing Repairs

    A major concern for plumbing issues is water damage. It accounts for as much as 50% of home insurance claims in Canadian households. Trying to fix certain plumbing problems yourself without the proper tools or training can make it worse. 


    If you want to avoid catastrophic and costly mistakes, read which DIY plumbing solutions are not recommended and should be left to professionals.


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  • 12/05/2021
    Cost Saving Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen Using Grease Traps

    Restaurants all over Canada are currently undergoing some hardships. Even starting a restaurant business costs you about $300,000 on average. Finding cost-saving tips is therefore crucial for your kitchen operations. One of the best ways to save money on your kitchen is by checking your grease traps. 

    But what are grease traps? How does it help you save money as a small business owner? Read on to learn about how maintenance for your grease traps can help you save on expenses.

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  • 02/07/2020
    How we are keeping our staff and clients safe

    Dear Customers,

    Here’s our policy in response to COVID-19.

    As the Coronavirus is multiplying daily in Alberta, we all need to take extra precautions. The Drain Doctor takes the safety of all of our customers and employees as our top priority.


    The Drain Doctor has a written Pandemic Plan in place and is taking all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. All of our staff are trained on proper prevention: Wash hands regularly or sanitize, avoiding close contact, covering any cough or sneeze, and staying home if not feeling well. 


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  • 09/04/2020
    Why Sump Pump Cleaning Is Important for Your Business?

    Calgary has seen the brunt of a lot of extreme weather recently, exceeded the typical annual rainfall total in July 2016, with The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicting that this summer “will be rainier and slightly cooler than normal.” For Calgary business owners, flooding, and/or flooding prevention remains top-of-mind. To prevent the devastation of the 2013 floods, business owners are encouraged to ensure their sump receives proper maintenance and cleaning annually to keep storm or sewer drains from backing up into your facility.


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  • 09/04/2020
    What You Need to Know about Sewer Camera Inspections?

    Do you own a home in Calgary that’s over 20-years-old? If you answered “yes,” it may be time to have your sewer lines inspected.


    Sewer lines naturally deteriorate over time as they age. Pipes can collapse or become blocked for a number of reasons, including tree roots entering through open or broken joints or a build-up of waste. A sewer backup in your home is not something to be taken lightly.

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  • 09/04/2020
    Guide to Avoiding Basement Flooding

    When your basement floods, the results can be even more severe than you first realize. Not only is there the damage to your home to contend with, but there’s also the very real health risk associated with dampness in your residence to consider. If your basement floods frequently, there’s also the rising insurance rates and depreciation of your property value to reflect on. Taken all together, these reasons make for a sensible argument to do all that you can to prevent basement floods.


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  • 09/04/2020
    Easy Care for Storm Drains and Catch Basins

    If you’ve never considered the well-being of your nearest storm drain—also commonly referred to as a catch basin—you’re certainly not alone. However, these components of urban water systems play an important role in Calgary and elsewhere in Canada. Doing your part to keep them clear can make a significant difference to the smooth functioning of your local infrastructure.


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  • 09/04/2020
    3 Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

    Like most Calgary homeowners, you probably have a general understanding that your household sewer lines move waste water from your home to underground sewer mains.


    Beyond that, unless you’ve experienced a clog or sewer backup already, you most likely haven’t given much thought to your household sewer lines in Calgary.


    It’s important, though, for homeowners to recognize sewer drainage issues when they occur. If your sewer gets clogged, raw sewage can back up into your home, resulting in costly damages to your property.


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