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Thaw Frozen Lines

Thawing Calgary’s Frozen Lines

Living in Calgary, we experience the joy of the luxuriously warm Chinook winds in spring. Yet, in the midst of the season’s change, we still have problems with frozen water lines. The Drain Doctor™ drain services is going to tell you why and can help you thaw frozen lines in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


The spring weather raises our air temperatures enough to melt the snow, and the water drains into underground storm systems that are still very cold. The water freezes in the catch basins and pipes, eventually causing pools of water to form.


On cool nights, the temperature tumbles again, and the pooled water freezes solid in the lines. It may be spring, but the season for thawing frozen lines in Calgary is still not over.


Call The Drain Doctor™ technicians for a frozen line thawing at any time of day or night. Our 24/7 answering service is ready to send our steam flush truck and trained technicians.

Cleaning and Recommended Maintenance After the Thaw

If your company has used large amounts of gravel in or near your catch basin during the winter months, it may stop up. Another source of obstruction is lots of mature, lush trees, which drop leaves into the catch basin.


Every spring, when the ground has thawed, the storm system should be cleaned to remove all the gravel and debris that can clog and freeze in your catch basin.


The Drain Doctor™ professionals offer Calgary business owners tailored preventative maintenance that will help them avoid problems with clogged catch basins and frozen water lines. Call 587-328-0705 today!

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