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Plumbing Services

Clogged Drains in Calgary? Let Us Help You!

Are you experiencing a slow drain or standing water in your sink? Do you want to get rid of the nuisance created by frequently clogged drains? If yes, let our plumbers handle your worries and provide you with efficient drain-cleaning solutions. Whether you need a backwater valve or a new toilet installed, The Drain Doctor™ technicians offer reliable plumbing services, fast responses and effective results for Calgary residents. Our workmanship is guaranteed to clear out your drains, and you can enjoy total peace of mind when you turn to our experienced plumbers. We accommodate your schedule and ensure to walk you through the issue that needs attention. Expect cost-effective solutions with free estimates for installations, maintenance, and repairs from our plumbing specialists.


Are your drains backing up, or have your pipes frozen? Count on us for 24/7 services.


When Do You Need Us?

Locally and family-owned since 1981, The Drain Doctor™ is a company to call when you need help with your household plumbing needs, including:

Dripping and leaking faucets Leaking faucets can cause damage to your tapestry, furniture and furnishings. It is important to remove any furniture or decorative items from the site of a spill or a leak to save them from damage.

Leaking and running toilets When you have a leaking toilet, things can quickly get out of hand. Call a professional plumbing service in Calgary before the leaks lead to expensive repairs.

Low water pressure We can also check your fixtures, faucets and pipes to determine the cause of low water pressure.

Sump and sewer line cleaning It is important to get your sump and sewer lines cleaned from time to time.

    Slow or clogged drains – sinks, tubs and toilets Clogged drains in Calgary homes can cause a lot of inconvenience and distress. The Drain Doctor™ professionals can provide you with efficient drain cleaning services for slow or clogged drains.

     Pipe replacement When your pipes develop cracks, they can become severely damaged. We can provide you with new pipes to replace the old and worn-out ones.

Water heater repair Constant supply of hot water is essential to go about your daily tasks such as cleaning, washing and bathing. When you have a broken water heater, we can provide you with prompt repair services to ensure that you get an uninterrupted hot water supply.

Signs and Symptoms of Drain Blockage


Clogged drains are one of the most common indoor problems in a regular household. Accumulated hair, soap scum, and dirt deposited over time can lead to lower performance of your drainage and sewer system. But how would you know it is time to get professional cleaning and repair done? Let us look at some of the common signs and symptoms of drain blockage:

  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains and toilet
  • Water starts to back up from your sink drain
  • Awful smells coming from your drain
  • Unexplained puddles in your yard
  • If your toilet won’t flush and appears backed up
  • Slow draining in the shower, tub, or sink area of the home

Types of Emergency Plumbing Problems

Have your pipes frozen or burst late at night? Are the pipes in your home so old that replacing them is your safest option? You need an experienced and licensed plumber in your local area who is ready to take care of any plumbing problem day or night. The Drain Doctor™ services has a list of preferred plumbing contractors to provide if any emergency plumbing services are needed. We will help you tackle all sorts of plumbing emergencies quickly when they strike without warning.

Here are some of the most common plumbing emergencies:

Leaking hot water tanks

Leaking or broken pipes

Frozen and burst pipes

Standing water in the sink, shower or bathtub

Bubbles in the toilet when the washing machine is running

We Solve Sewer and Clogged Drain Problems in Calgary

Do you have a clogged drain full of grease, hair or grime? Are your toilets backing up? Let us help you find a plumber in the Calgary area that can clean out any blockage a residential drain can develop. Save time, money and frustration by letting a qualified professional locate and resolve the problem that a simple plunger and chemicals can’t. Whether your shower drain is slow or your kitchen sink is completely backed up, we know certified plumbers who have all the right equipment to help you, including:

 Camera and video equipment for inspections

 Vacuum and combo trucks

 Auger trucks

 Steam flush trucks

Backflows, Backflow Testing and Backwater Valves

Stop basement flooding problems before they begin by making sure you have a working backwater valve. This check valve goes into your main sewer line and lets the sewage pass out into the sewer if everything is flowing normally. When heavy rain or a burst water main reverses the normal flow, you can get backflow and a flooded basement unless you have a backwater valve that closes to stop it. Not sure if you have a backwater valve or if the one you have is in good working condition? Call The Drain Doctor™ technicians now and we will help you schedule a service for backflow testing and backwater valve installation.

Preventive Measures with Proactive Maintenance


Clogged drains are incredibly frustrating, and this will be the last thing you would want to encounter on your busy day. These messy happenings can be avoided with a little bit of care and maintenance of your drainage and sewer systems. Our experts recommend some of the easy steps to care for your drains to eliminate the risk of clogging in the future.

Here are some of the ways to keep your drains clean and clear:

  • Pour hot boiling water down your kitchen sink and drain at least once a week to prevent oil and grease buildup inside the pipe.
  • Do not flush out food waste in the drain.
  • Use enzyme-based drain cleaners once a month to remove organic waste from your drains.
  • Watch out for the wastes that drain down your kitchen sink, toilet and other drainage systems.
  • If not able to do it yourself, call out for professional help for regular maintenance.


Things One Should Avoid Flushing Down the Drain


Most clogged drains in a home can easily be prevented if you know what not to flush down the drain. Let’s take a look at the things you should never put in your drain.

  • Avoid throwing away unused medications down the toilet drain as they contain certain chemicals that can get into your water supply system.
  • Discarding coffee grounds in kitchen sinks might create havoc in your plumbing system.
  • Cotton balls and feminine hygiene products do not dissolve quickly and instead are designed to absorb. This, in turn, can clog your drain.
  • Avoid the disposal of both oil-based and water paints down the drain.

Don’t let the oil and grease drain down your pipes as they can formulate thick, gunky globes in the pipes that cause other materials, such as eggshells, food, and paper towels, to gather together, causing one big clog and an even bigger headache.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Drain Get Clogged?

The drain gets clogged due to accumulated/excessive debris in the pipes.


Does Hot Water Tank Work in the Winter?

Quality hot water tanks, if maintained properly, can function in Calgary winters.


Why Does My Toilet Keep Running/Dripping?

It might be because there is a gap between the sealant and the flush valve.

Plumbing Emergency?

Reach out to our experts at The Drain Doctor™ drain services for immediate drain clog removal in Calgary.

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