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Auger Vans

Auger Vans for Drain Cleaning in Calgary

Are your drains slowing down, gurgling or not moving at all? A plunger and chemical drain cleaner can’t touch this problem, but auger services from The Drain Doctor™ services can. We show up at your home or business with a fully equipped auger van with every tool needed for drain lines from 1" to 6" in pipe size and up to 225 feet in length. Call us to have our auger vans come over for drain cleaning in your Calgary home or business.

We Find the Clog to Clean It Out

Our auger vans have more than drain cleaning tools with the power to clear out debris, tree roots, grease clogs and any other obstructions. Our auger vans carry our video equipment using USB so our technicians can find any blockage first, saving us time and saving you money.


Call us for quick, convenient drain cleaning in Calgary. Our auger vans are ready to serve you with 24/7 emergency services.

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