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Grease Trap Trucks

Grease Trap Trucks Serving Calgary’s Commercial Kitchens

Dirty Grease trap

In keeping your Calgary food service facility or commercial kitchen running and properly sanitized, your grease traps are the major focus. Clogged and backed-up drains can shut down your operations and incur expenses your business cannot afford. The Drain Doctor™ services’ grease trap trucks have been serving Calgary’s commercial kitchens. Call us to learn more.


The Drain Doctor™ technicians are equipped with efficient grease trap trucks used to vacuum clean smaller grease traps, up to 250 gallons. We are also prepared to reach your grease traps anywhere they are located in your building. We have specially made stainless steel vacuums used to clean grease traps that are farther than the truck can stretch its hose to reach.

Reduced-cost Auger Services

Our grease trap vans and grease trap cleaning services in Calgary have the capability to auger your grease trap’s in and out lines up to 35 feet. We offer this service for a reduced cost at your site if your grease traps are not flowing properly after a sewer flow test after our grease trap vacuuming.

Our Standard Amenities

Not an extra you have to request but a standard procedure, The Drain Doctor™ professionals use a deodorizer while cleaning grease traps. Not only are your drains clean but they smell clean too, a plus in any restaurant kitchen.


Also, for your convenience, after cleaning your grease traps, we always place a “Last Service” sticker in the line of sight. Keeping track of cleanings helps with regular maintenance that saves you money and time later.


The Drain Doctor™ technicians abide by all city bylaws enforced by the province of Alberta and will provide a FOG report (grease trap inspection report), which records the condition of the grease trap, the amount of grease in the trap and also the integrity of the grease trap.

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