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Parkade Line Cleaning

Parkade Line Cleaning in Calgary

The Drain Doctor™ technicians can clean your parkade lines even if your parkade has a clearance as low as six feet. Our comprehensive services include parkade drain cleaning, parkade sump cleaning, and grate cleaning. Contact us for parkade line cleaning in Calgary.


We know a 10-ton vacuum truck can't fit into a parkade. Most times, even running a vacuum hose to the lowest level where the sump is located will not work.


The Drain Doctor™ services has solved the problem of access with a custom-made truck and trailer system that will fit into a six-foot clearance. When the height restriction of your parkade is no longer an issue, our line cleaning work is completed quickly and efficiently.

Inspections and Regular Cleaning

Most times, the sumps in parkades are not cleaned until the pump system fails. Why wait for your pump to fail? Let The Drain Doctor™ technicians visually inspect your parkade sump to confirm that mud and debris have not risen above the pump intake and provide the necessary cleaning.


To help avoid pump failure, most sumps are cleaned on a yearly basis. Also, ask about The Drain Doctor™’s preventative maintenance tailored to your parkade’s needs. Call 587-328-0705 today!

sump pump pipe before cleaning


sump pump pipe after cleaning


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