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We Keep Calgary’s Commercial Drain Lines Open

Whether your problem drain is in a commercial kitchen or a sanitary sewer, The Drain Doctor™ professionals can clean any commercial drain line in Calgary. Our certified technicians find the source of problems and resolve them, whether it is leaves, organic debris, solidified grease or backed-up sewage.

The Drain Doctor™ fleet not only has video equipment to locate obstructions but also the right equipment for effective removal. Steaming, flushing, vacuuming or a combination – we leave you with clear drain lines for:

 Kitchen sinks

Main sewers

 Floor drains

Bathroom drains


Planter drains

Grease traps

Lab sinks

Sump outlines

Vent stacks

 Sanitary or storm stacks

Laundry machine drain lines

Commercial dishwashers

Lift stations

Before You Have Big Drain Troubles, Call The Drain Doctor™ Drain Services

Take the drain professional’s advice: be proactive when you notice the symptoms of a dirty drain:

 Slow draining water

 Regularly occurring backups

Avoid the expense of smaller repairs and avoid even costlier disasters. Call The Drain Doctor™ at 587-328-0705 for our FREE tailored preventative maintenance.

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