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Drain Line Cleaning

Drain Line Cleaning for Blocked Drains in Calgary

Few home maintenance problems are as dirty as backed-up drains or as irritating as slow drains. When a quick fix with a plunger doesn’t work, call The Drain Doctor™ services for effective drain line cleaning in Calgary.


Able to clean any residential drain line, our trained and certified technicians are equipped to pinpoint and clear away obstructions in:

Kitchen and bathroom sinks

Bathtubs and toilets

Main lines

Shower drains

Patio drains

Storm and sanitary sewer lines

Drain Line Inspection and Maintenance

The Drain Doctor™ drain services save you money and time for drain line cleaning at your Calgary home because we can precisely locate drain problems with our video inspection equipment using USB. We can go right to the obstruction with the right equipment to thaw ice clogs in frozen lines.


Be assured you will receive reliable service from The Drain Doctor™. Our personnel have criminal clearances, and our answering service is available 24/7.

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