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Drain Line Cleaning

Drain Line Cleaning for Blocked Drains in Calgary

Few home maintenance issues are as frustrating as clogged drains. When a plunger fails to unclog the problem or slow drains persist, it's time to call in the experts at The Drain Doctor™ for efficient drain line cleaning in Calgary.


Our certified technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including the innovative Ridgid FlexShaft milling machines, to tackle even the most challenging drain line obstructions. These powerful machines allow us to precisely locate and clear away blockages in various residential drain lines, including:

Kitchen and bathroom sinks

Bathtubs and toilets

Main lines

Shower drains

Patio drains

Storm and sanitary sewer lines

  Drain Line Inspection and Maintenance

At The Drain Doctor™, we prioritize saving you time and money by providing thorough drain line cleaning services. Our video inspection equipment, utilizing USB technology, enables us to pinpoint drain issues quickly and accurately. With the Ridgid FlexShaft milling machines, we can efficiently address ice clogs in frozen lines, ensuring effective results with minimal disruption.

Benefits of Milling Machines

The use of milling machines offers several advantages for drain cleaning:


Increased Power and Efficiency

These machines provide more power than traditional methods, allowing for quicker and more thorough cleaning of tough obstructions.


Precision and Accuracy

The technology of milling machines allows our technicians to navigate through drain lines precisely, completely removing debris and blockages.



Milling machines can handle various drain cleaning tasks, from minor clogs to severe blockages, making them a versatile solution for our customers' needs.

Trust The Drain Doctor™ for Reliable ServiceOur skilled technicians at The Drain Doctor™ undergo rigorous training and have criminal clearances to ensure reliable service. Our 24/7 dedicated answering service can address urgent drain cleaning needs for your peace of mind.Experience the difference with The Drain Doctor™ and schedule your drain line cleaning service today.

Drain Line Inspection and Maintenance

The Drain Doctor™ drain services save you money and time for drain line cleaning at your Calgary home because we can precisely locate drain problems with our video inspection equipment using USB. We can go right to the obstruction with the right equipment to thaw ice clogs in frozen lines.


Be assured you will receive reliable service from The Drain Doctor™. Our personnel have criminal clearances, and our answering service is available 24/7.

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