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Restaurant Drain Lines

Steaming and Drain Line Cleaning for Restaurants in Calgary

Cleaning restaurant drain lines is extremely important for reasons of health, safety and success. If your restaurant’s drains do not work, you risk having to close until they meet Alberta’s Food Service Code. Backed-up drains are slip-and-fall hazards, a real danger in any busy kitchen. We offer drain line cleaning for restaurants in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


In the competitive Calgary market, any time lost in food production is lost revenue. As well, you want to keep your professional image as clean as you want your kitchen to be. Before the first sign of a clog or even before you open the doors to your first customer, call The Drain Doctor™ services for steam drain line cleaning.

Time for a Professional Cleaning

Like all drains, if your commercial kitchen’s floor drains back up or you have a blocked grease trap, it’s time for a professional cleaning. Equipped with steam flush trucks, The Drain Doctor™’s certified technicians can melt away the greasy clogs the restaurant business develops all too easily. Let us employ our steam method and help you keep your kitchen drains clean!

Recommended Maintenance Schedule for Your Kitchen

The best prevention for clogged and backed-up kitchen drains is regular maintenance. Usually, a large or very busy commercial kitchen should have its drains thoroughly cleaned every three to six months.


The Drain Doctor™ services offer preventative drain maintenance scheduled according to your needs. Call us for information and service at 587-328-0705 today. Do you need a drain cleaning right now? Call our 24/7 answering service for help.

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