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Lift Station Cleaning

Professional Cleaning for Calgary’s Lift Stations

Regular cleaning of lift stations prevents costly repairs to pumps and the expensive cleanup costs of a sewer backup. Professionals who clean Calgary’s lift stations at The Drain Doctor™ can accommodate all your needs.


The lift station pump that keeps sewage from your property moving up to the sewer line is submerged in heavy mud or very thick waste. That’s a rough environment for any pump, but regular lift station cleaning extends a pump’s life and saves you money.

Signs You Need a Lift Station Cleaning

Call The Drain Doctor™ for a lift station cleaning when you see that debris and waste have built up around the edge of the tank. Is there debris on the floating ball valve? Your lift station needs cleaning before the pump burns out.


Is your lift station connected to a grease trap, or do you have multi-family housing? You have the added problem of grease entering your drains that can coat your floats and pumps. Your lift station needs professional cleaning.


Call The Drain Doctor™ for lift station cleaning in Calgary. Our answering service will take your call 24/7.

The Process of Lift Station Cleaning

In most scenarios, due to gravity, sewage waste from industries or houses enters the pipe. However, at lower elevations, gravity can’t move wastewater, so a lift station is needed. Annual cleanings are vital to keeping your lift station functioning properly.

The cleaning process consists of:

  • Initial Inspection – The first step is to complete an inspection for signs of wear and tear. This includes checking walls, access points, and lids for cracks and leaks.

  • Debris and Sediment Removal – Removing the sediment and debris from a lift station is a very involved process. Debris is manually extracted using specialized tools.

  • Cleaning Pumps and Valves – Cleaning pumps and valves are essential for uninterrupted operation of lift stations.

  • Checking and Adjusting the Pump System – When cleaning a lift station, checking and adjusting the pumps is crucial to efficient operation. Technicians will comprehensively assess the  system, examining pumps, motor operations, control panels and switches. 

  • Testing and Monitoring – After the cleaning, thorough testing is necessary to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Regular Maintenance for Peak Performance

Even if your lift station moves only the sanitary waste it was meant for, The Drain Doctor™ drain services recommends a regular cleaning schedule that fits its usage level. Contact us to request a preventative maintenance program for your lift station. We welcome your calls to 587-328-0705.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is a vital part of any mechanical system. Regular maintenance on your lift system is critical for long-term functionality. It can help to prevent costly system failures, prolong the lifespan of your equipment, reduce the risk of environmental contamination, and ensure it complies with regulatory standards.

Why Choose the Drain Doctor™?

The Drain Doctor™ is the lift station cleaning expert in Calgary. We offer comprehensive drain-cleaning services for homeowners and business owners across the area.

To request a quote, please give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to Schedule Lift Station Cleaning?
The frequency at which you should schedule cleaning your lift station can vary, but in general, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned once a year. Commercial lift stations may require cleaning more often, but every year is generally a good rule to follow.

How Long Does a Lift Station Last?
Lift stations require maintenance every few years to maintain optimal operation. With proper upkeep, your lift station should last 15-20 years.

How Can I Monitor the Performance of My Lift Station?
If you notice any unusual odours or experience utility backwash, call a professional technician to inspect your lift station. Additionally, modern cloud-based technology allows you to monitor your lift station's performance by tracking metrics and recording data.

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