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Storm and Sanitary

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Cleaning in Calgary

The Drain Doctor™ drain services are your partners in keeping your Calgary commercial property clean and safe. Our seasoned team provides efficient storm and sanitary sewer line cleaning in Calgary. Your property's sanitary sewer and storm lines are among the most important but, unfortunately, often neglected components of your drainage system. Dirty, clogged and neglected sanitary sewer and storm lines leave a poor impression on your clients, visitors, tenants and customers. Not only that but if something goes wrong, you're forced to stop your operations.


We have the expertise and experience to clean your sanitary sewer and storm lines to optimize their functioning. Our team has a deep understanding of sanitary sewer and storm line requirements and can work on all types of commercial properties. We carry out each job with full attention and use cutting-edge equipment to provide reliable solutions.


We offer storm and sanitary sewer line cleaning in Calgary, both as a preventative and emergency measure. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us.


Signs Your Storm and Sanitary Sewer Lines Require Cleaning

You might not be able to detect that your storm and sanitary sewer lines need cleaning. These components of your property's plumbing and drainage system often send you signs to indicate trouble. These include:

Regular Clogging:

Clogging in your drains once in a while is normal. If the clogging occurs regularly and in multiple drains, the chances are that there might be an issue with your sanitary sewer line.


Regular backups in your drains after tasks such as flushing your toilet is a clear indicator of the need for a sanitary sewer line clean.

Foul Odours:

If foul odours are coming from the drains on your property, you should schedule a sanitary sewer line clean as soon as possible.

Water In The Yard:

If your yard has puddles of water in it, or it feels 'spongy,' the probability of a sanitary sewer or storm line issue is high.


If you notice any of these signs with the storm and sanitary sewer lines on your commercial property, we recommend setting up an appointment with us as soon as possible. Our team will diagnose the issue swiftly, with the assistance of our video inspection technology, and provide you with dependable cleaning services.

How The Drain Doctor™ Services Can Help

Our skilled plumbers and technicians are geared toward providing you with the best possible solutions in Calgary. You can count on us for:


Emergency services

Our drain and sewer cleaning specialists in Calgary are available 24/7. We have quick response times and use safe procedures, especially for emergency drain cleaning. Being up-to-date with the technology required for timely inspection, we can execute proper diagnosis and intervention of drain and sewage system problems.


Experience with sewage equipment

We help you clear out every kind of blockage from drains on your commercial property, from kitchens to washrooms. This includes stubborn clogging that needs tough cleaning with a chemical-free, jet-flush solution. Our experienced crew ensures no pipes are damaged. Where required, we use state-of-the-art no-dig technology to keep the process smooth and clean.

Preventive maintenance tools

We perform regular maintenance of your drains and sewage systems so that you are worry-free in the long run. We also assist with managing tree roots getting in the way of your property's drainage systems.

Preventative Cleaning

      They improve the functioning of your storm and sanitary sewer lines.

      They help you avoid damage to your storm and sanitary sewer lines.

      They enable you to save money on repairs and replacements.

We often don't notice our sanitary sewer and storm lines until something goes wrong. When this happens, we can provide you with emergency storm and sanitary sewer line cleaning in Calgary. However, we stress on scheduling preventative cleaning sessions for countless reasons such as: We recommend making a preventative cleaning appointment once eighteen to twenty-two months.

Tips for Cleaning Your Sewer Drain

  • Firstly, check for backflow of water in the mechanical room drain pipe and the basement area, since these are often the first areas affected by the backup when clogs occur in the main sewage pipe.

  • Stop any water supply coming into your commercial property, especially from places producing large volumes like washers, bathrooms, etc.

  • To prevent the primary sewer backup, avoid flushing items like baby wipes, dental floss, paper towels, and sanitary napkins. All these objects can become trapped in tree roots or sag, causing a blockage in your main sewer line.


Contact us if you require any professional help for other miscellaneous issues with your sewer drain in Calgary.

Contact Our Experts in Calgary

Be proactive with regular inspections and cleaning of your sewer lines. The Drain Doctor™ technicians will keep your drains flowing and minimize unhealthy odours. Our certified technicians have the video equipment to locate the obstructions and fleet of service trucks for quick, effective cleaning.


Ask about our FREE preventative maintenance individualized to meet the needs of your commercial enterprise. Call 587-328-0705 today for information.


We also do sump cleaning, thaw frozen lines, and perform video line inspections for your commercial properties in Calgary.

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