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Drain Cleaning

Effective Commercial Drain Cleaning in Calgary

The Drain Doctor™'s milling machine service

Our milling machine services offer several benefits for commercial properties:


  • Increased Power and Efficiency

Ridgid FlexShaft milling machines provide powerful cleaning, efficiently clearing even the toughest blockages.


  • Precision Cleaning

Our technicians can efficiently clean and restore optimal flow by utilizing precise milling capabilities to navigate through drain lines.


  • Minimal Disruption

Our milling machines are designed to minimize disruption to your business operations, allowing us to complete drain-cleaning tasks efficiently and with minimal downtime.


With The Drain Doctor™'s advanced milling machine services, you can count on reliable and long-lasting solutions for your commercial drain cleaning needs.

At The Drain Doctor™, we know that the stakes are high for commercial businesses. Clogged drains can halt your operation and lead to excessive downtime. Not only that, but they can leave a poor impression on your customers, clients, visitors and patrons. As seasoned plumbers, we provide quick, efficient and hassle-free commercial drain cleaning in Calgary. Our team is available 24/7, with quick responses and minimal waiting times.


Restaurants and other commercial sites have their own drain problems. Here at The Drain Doctor™, we have trained personnel and professional equipment to handle all issues. Don’t let overflowing sinks, clogged restroom drains or a backed-up sewer line shut down your business. Talk to our experts for top-quality drain cleaning in Calgary for all commercial drains.


You can rely on our expert drain cleaners in Calgary to service your commercial property. We adhere to the highest standards while providing you with our services, ensuring long-term solutions. We also serve residential spaces.

Milling Machine Service

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive drain cleaning solutions, The Drain Doctor™ now offers advanced milling machine services. Our state-of-the-art Ridgid FlexShaft milling machines are specifically designed to tackle tough drain obstructions with precision and efficiency. By utilizing these innovative machines, we can effectively remove debris, grease, and other blockages from your commercial drain lines, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime for your business.

What Our Drain Services Include

We have a wide variety of services that our team can take care of:

Kitchen sinks

Main sewers

Floor drains

Bathroom drains


Planter drains

Grease trap outlines

Grease traps

Lab sinks

Sump outlines

Vent stacks

Sanitary stacks

Sanitary or storm drains

Laundry machine drain lines

Commercial dishwasher lines

Lift stations

Who Needs Our Drain Cleaning Service?

Our team is well-equipped to handle any commercial property with drain issues. We deal with:

Government buildings


Retail Spaces



Hospitals and clinics



      And more

If you have other drain issues, get in touch with our team.

Signs You Need Our Drain Cleaning Services

Ignoring the signs of drainage system failure can cost your pocket in the long run. Some of the indications to get your drains cleaned include: 

  • Odour
    Sewage waste buildup in the pipes can generate a strong smell throughout your home.
  • Recurrent Clogs
    If frequent blocks occur in your toilet,  your home is experiencing a severe clog problem.
  • Unusual Sounds
    Strange noises come when a drain is blocked, and the water has to be pushed through small gaps.
  • Slow-Flowing Drains
    Objects such as hair, grease and waste build-up can lead to slow-flowing drains.

24/7 Drain Cleaning in Calgary

Call The Drain Doctor™ drain services for emergency draining cleaning in Calgary day or night. You will speak to a real person at our 24/7 answering service. Top-quality service is our main priority, which is why our employees are certified, have criminal clearances, and provide long-term results for all customers.


You don’t have to lose time and money dealing with drains that are slow and regularly backed up. Take action and contact The Drain Doctor™; we can clear any clogged drain.

Common Drain Issues

The plumbing systems of properties like restaurants, offices and hotels generally witness heavy usage. This consistent application can result in various plumbing issues, one of which is clogged drains. Some common causes of blocked drains in commercial settings are:

  • Debris
    Many kinds of waste such as foliage, toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, soaps and more can accumulate and block the drains. This problem is pervasive in commercial washrooms, where people often flush items like feminine hygiene products in the toilet.
  • Grease and fat
    The accumulation of fat and oil in settings like restaurant kitchens causes severe problems for drains. Improper disposal over time can cause these elements to build up inside the gutters. The grease will cling to the walls of your drains, coating the debris in the water flow, eventually turning into a thick mass that can cause blockage.
  • Heavy rainfall
    Heavy rainfall can cause excess water runoff that can cause flooding in your drains. As a result of the flooding, debris like twigs can also make their way into your gutters. Most drains cannot handle an excessive water flow, and it can cause severe blockages in your plumbing system.
  • Broken pipes
    A well-functioning drainage system requires adequate piping. Collapsed pipes can interrupt the water flow and clog drains. Many issues can cause your pipes to collapse, such as wear and tear, aging, tree root invasion and incorrect installation.
  • Water flow issues
    The proper flow of water is essential for the optimal functioning of drains. Aged lines and poor infrastructure without adequate falls to encourage water flow can cause debris buildup. The initial signs of improper water flow include gurgling noises, slowly draining water and foul odour from your toilet and drains.

Paying attention to the causes of blocked drains on commercial properties can help you avoid them. If you’d like to learn more about plumbing, we invite you to read our blog.

What Happens if You Don’t Address Drain Issues on Time?

If you neglect your drain issues, you may face serious consequences that can lead to costly repairs and potential health hazards. One of the most common consequences of ignoring drain problems is clogging. Clogs can cause your sinks, showers, and toilets to back up, resulting in slow drainage or complete blockage.

Over time, clogs can cause damage to your pipes and eventually lead to leaks or burst pipes. These repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, standing water caused by clogs can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, posing a risk to your health and your family.

Another potential consequence of neglecting drain issues is unpleasant odours. The build-up of food particles, grease, and other debris in your drains can emit unpleasant smells, making your home uncomfortable. These odours can also indicate more serious issues like sewage backups or leaks.

In summary, addressing drain issues on time is crucial to avoid these potentially costly and harmful consequences. Contacting a professional drain cleaning company like The Drain Doctor™ to address your drain issues promptly can help prevent clogs, leaks, and unpleasant odours, ensuring your plumbing system's smooth and safe operation.

What to Expect When You Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Company Like Us

Whether it’s a long-standing plumbing issue with your faucets or taps or your sewer has suddenly backed up, we can help fix it quickly. Our team is available to answer your call at any time of the day. Here are the benefits of choosing us over individual drain cleaners:

  • Thorough inspection: Our team will start by thoroughly inspecting your plumbing system. This involves using specialized equipment, such as cameras, to identify the cause of the issue.

  • Customized solutions: Based on the inspection, we recommend customized solutions tailored to your problem. These solutions may include drain snaking, hydro jetting, or other drain cleaning techniques.

  • Effective and safe drain cleaning: Our technicians will use safe and effective techniques to clean your drains and remove any clogs or blockages. They will also take steps to ensure that the cleaning process does not cause any damage to your plumbing system.

  • Contractor relationships: The Drain Doctor™ has been in the business for a long time and has established strong relationships with several contractors. This allows us to assist our customers in coordinating and arranging for other services related to our drain cleaning services. These services include excavations, pipe and replacements, pipelining, pump and plumbing, grease trap replacements, and more.


These are some of the reasons why choosing a professional contractor for your drain is necessary. Drains are integral functioning parts of your commercial property and keeping them working smoothly is important.

Take Preventative Action

You don’t have to lose time and money dealing with drains that are slow and regularly back up. Take action and contact The Drain Doctor™. We are here to offer drain cleaning services in Calgary. We are also proficient in providing grease trap cleaning and main line cleaning services.


Before your slow drain becomes a costly repair, ask about The Drain Doctor™’s tailored preventative maintenance drain cleaning in Calgary. Call us today at 403-243-3490 for information and service.

Reliable and Reputable Service

Interested to learn more about our services?  Connect with us today.

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