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Main Line Cleaning

Main Line Cleaning for Calgary Businesses

Your business produces high volumes of greasy dishwater, debris and sewage that can cause drain problems most homeowners never experience. Depending on your property and industry, troubles with the main sewer line sometimes happen sooner rather than later. Contact us for main line cleaning services in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


The Drain Doctor™ recommends you call for an inspection and cleaning if floor drains near your building’s exit line point are backing up. Maybe a manhole is backing up or maybe not. Why wait to find out the real problem? Call us for main line cleaning in Calgary; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our trained technicians are equipped to identify and solve the problem.

Recommended Maintenance for Cleaning Main Lines

If a building has a known issue with its main sewer exiting the building, cleaning it on a regular basis will keep it running freely.


Normally, once a year is frequent enough maintenance for a pipe that has a small amount of tree root damage, or slight flat spots in the drain line. If these issues are worse, a more rigorous cleaning regime is necessary.


Ask about our tailored preventative maintenance to avoid costly disasters. Call 587-328-0705 today!

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