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Video Line Inspection

Video Line Inspections in Calgary

Looking for video line inspections in Calgary? In the multitude of pipes serving a commercial or multi-family apartment building, finding the source of clogged pipes or backed-up drains can be harder than fixing the problem. That’s why The Drain Doctor™ services provide videos of drain lines from 3” to 48” for Calgary businesses using USB and Dropbox. Power augering is also available upon request.


Pipe inspection has come a long way from its early days. The Drain Doctor™ fleet carries the latest in HD technology to video main lines and lateral pipes. We have both video and self-levelling location equipment that can be placed at any location of the pipe. Our video equipment allows our technicians to investigate problems by:

Determining the integrity of pipes and laterals

Locating root penetration

Identifying joint failures and cracks in pipes

Locating tree roots blocking drain lines – our location equipment detects blockages, obstructions and the condition of the pipe

Main Line Video Inspection

With our push tape camera, we are capable of video inspecting lines from 3” up to 6”.

Storm Line Video Inspection

With our camera truck, we are capable of video inspecting lines from 6” up to 50”.

View of a video inspection device installed in front of the truck
Video Inspection.jpg

Video Inspections for Pipe Installation and Troubleshooting

The Drain Doctor™ technicians also works with contractors to provide a professional inspection of pipes to confirm their integrity and proper installation. Our video equipment is also able to “see” the obstructions causing backups in new and old drain lines.


Call us for a troubleshooting inspection in Calgary if you are:
Experiencing frequent sewer backups
Cannot auger a drain beyond a certain distance
Have worries about cracked or collapsed pipes


Depending on your business and facility, regular video line inspections in Calgary can be cost-effective in avoiding costly repairs later on. Call The Drain Doctor™ services about its preventative maintenance tailored to meet your needs at 587-328-0705.

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