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Sump Cleaning

Commercial Sump Cleaning Services in Calgary

Are you looking for sump cleaning services in Calgary? Well, the pump may not be your problem, but the condition of the sump itself is. Whether in the basement of your business or the lower level of your parkade, your sump needs proper maintenance to keep storm or sewer drains from backing up into your facility. Mud buildup in your sump that rises to the standpipe is just the beginning of sump problems. When the mud moves down line, it can plug your drain line, causing backups.


Call The Drain Doctor™ experts for sump cleaning in Calgary 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With low-profile trucks and personnel certified in confined space entry, we offer quick, professional sump cleaning anywhere you need them.

Calgary Sump Cleaning for Your Peace of Mind

When is it time to call The Drain Doctor™ for a sump cleaning at your Calgary business? You’ll definitely see mud or ooze touching the edge of the standpipe. The worst sign, though, is that water is not draining into the sump, but is standing on your floors instead. The only thing to do for your peace of mind and to protect your property is to have a professional clean out your sump pit. Our technicians will save you from having to stand in the dirty water and gooey sludge that your sump has drained from around the foundation of your building.


Why is a sump pit hard to access for a good cleaning? The sump pit is designed to collect excess water from ground-level surfaces such as basements, crawl spaces and lower-level parkade floors. Gravity draws the moisture below ground into the sump, and then your sump pump moves it through a hose to drain it away from your structure. When your sump pump is clogged, and your sump pit is full, you have an ugly, smelly and unsanitary mess.

What We Offer

Cleaning a sump pit means getting down and dirty to reach the problem. The Drain Doctor™ drain services has the equipment to reach low-lying areas where sumps are located, and our technicians are certified in confined space entry. With a fleet that includes vacuum, flush and combo trucks, we can remove the thick silt and stubborn debris in the underground discharge drain that’s causing nasty backups. The Drain Doctor™ services assures you that our powerful flush trucks can fit any confined space on your property.

Sump Problems Don’t Disappear on Their Own

A clogged drain system or a frozen discharge line could be the root cause of your sump pump and float switch failure. Depending on your pipes, you might also have a problem with iron bacteria that oxidizes ferrous iron, which results in a rust-coloured ooze – called iron ochre – that will clog your drainage system. You will certainly notice the rust stains and bad smell when iron ochre floods across your basement floor. These conditions don’t go away without servicing. In this case, contact a technician from Calgary’s The Drain Doctor™ to assess the problem and come up with a solution for you.

Book an Appointment Today!

To help protect your property and save your money, The Drain Doctor™ experts also recommend a professional sump cleaning every six months to a year for optimal maintenance. We offer a preventative maintenance program so you can avoid costly emergency services in the future. Contact us for details about our sump cleaning services in Calgary.

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