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Flush Trucks

Flush Trucks for Calgary’s Tough Clogs

Have tree roots invaded your sewer drain? Has grease hardened in your kitchen pipes? You need the especially hot cleaning power of a The Drain Doctor™ flush truck. Providing flush truck services to Calgary homes and businesses, we take care of obstructions that cold water and suction won’t budge.

Sizable Flushing Power for Confined Space Entry

All of The Drain Doctor™’s flush truck units are 10-ton tandem axles that carry 2,500 – 3,000 gallons of water heated by a 900,000 BTU boiler system. In addition to hot water, each unit is equipped with a chain root cutter to clear roots from the storm and sanitary sewer systems. Our flush trucks also carry the root cutter.


For all of their huge flushing power, our units and equipment are capable of confined space entry. The Drain Doctor™ technicians always reach the drains you need to be cleaned, including:

 Outside storm and sanitary sewer systems


 Pipes 4” to 36”

 Solid grease from pipes that cold water cannot properly clean

Frozen lines that are difficult to access

Our team is trained to handle, operate and carry all confined entry equipment.

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