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Preventative measures to care for your commercial stormwater drainage

Stormwater drains are designed to carry rainwater away from streets and direct it to nearby bodies of water. If a storm drain gets clogged with leaves, trash and other debris, water won’t be able to flow properly. This can lead to blockages, backups, flooding, and environmental contamination. It can also be a health hazard to people and animals.

Commercial stormwater drain designed to carry rainwater away from the street

Here are a few preventative tasks you can do to keep the storm drain around your business clear:


·       Properly dispose of waste and trash in the appropriate containers, and never dump waste or hazardous materials into storm drains.

·       Regularly sweep and remove debris, leaves and snow from the surface of the stormwater drain to avoid clogging.

·       Invest in proper grading to ensure water flows from your property and into the stormwater drainage system.

·       Post signs to remind employees of best practices and proper use. This helps ensure everyone knows the importance of clearing storm drains and the steps to prevent blockages.


Investing in preventive measures saves you money and time and ensures your community's safety and health. At The Drain Doctor™, we offer preventative maintenance. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized maintenance plan that fits your specific needs and budget. With our proactive approach, you can rest easy knowing that your stormwater drains are always in top condition, minimizing the risk of costly repairs and potential safety hazards.

What to do if you’re experiencing issues

If you have a blocked stormwater drain, seek the help of a professional plumber. At The Drain Doctor™, our team offers video line inspection services to quickly pinpoint the issue and thoroughly clean your storm or sewer drains. We have an extensive fleet of trucks in Calgary with the latest tools and equipment. We’re always ready to help you, no matter the issue.

Stormwater and sewer drainage solutions in Calgary

If you’re experiencing issues with a blocked stormwater drain around your business, turn to the experts at The Drain Doctor™. We understand the urgency of your situation and offer prompt and reliable plumbing services to help get your business back on track. We offer various commercial building plumbing services for businesses of all sizes, including mainline cleaning, grease trap servicing and thawing frozen lines. Contact us today in Calgary to learn more about our services.


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