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Low Profile Trucks

Low Profile Trucks – Drain Cleaning in Calgary’s Low Spots

Are you experiencing backed-up drains at your parkade? Is your restaurant’s grease trap located in a tight spot outside your building? The Drain Doctor™ drain services have a safe and effective solution: low profile trucks. Get in touch with us for quality drain cleaning in Calgary’s low spots.


Our low profile trucks allow us to perform drain cleaning in Calgary parkades that have a minimum clearance of as low as six feet. Our trucks also protect the safety of both our and your employees; they are equipped with scrubber systems on the exhaust that dramatically reduce CO2 levels.

Call Us 24/7 for Low Truck Services

Contact us for regular maintenance during business hours, or call anytime day or night for emergency services. Our low profile trucks are ready to work for you for:

Cleaning parkade floor drains

Cleaning sumps and lift stations

Cleaning grease traps

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