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 Stack Cleaning Services

Multi-storey Buildings

Stack Cleaning Services for Multi-storey Buildings in Calgary

You must know that the waste water is eliminated from your property through drains. But do you know what connects the drains in your property to the sewer? Vertical pipes or stacks take all the waste and flush water from your property to the sewers. All the drains from your property, including your kitchens and bathrooms, are connected to two or three stacks. Understandably, stack cleaning is needed along with drain cleaning to keep these lines working smoothly. The Drain Doctor steam flush stacks of multi-storey buildings in Calgary using high-pressure, high-heat water that’s run through our specially-made nozzles. The heat and pressure together clean the pipes of scale and sludge, leaving them looking as good as new.


If it’s been too long since you cleaned your stack, it’s time to call The Drain Doctor today. We can also eliminate sewer blockages through our stack cleaning services in Calgary.


Why Is Steam Flushing Especially Effective for Multi-Storey Buildings?

The steam runs down the stack pipe, clearing the build-up of grease and debris accumulated from the line, from the top of the building, all of the way down to the main line. Steam flushing is also effective in thawing pipes in multi-storey buildings, where accessing frozen sections of pipes is difficult. We steam the overhead parkade lines that the stacks run to ensure clear flow out to the city main. Stack cleaning is necessary every 1 to 3 years, depending upon various factors like the amount of waste that flows from your drains and the climate in your area.

Stack Augering for Multi-storey Buildings in Calgary

At The Drain Doctor, we do stack augering for multi-storey buildings as well. If the stacks are offset, we cannot always steam, so we have to auger the stacks from the top, moving down a few floors and augering until the entire stack has been augered clean. This is a very popular and efficient method of stack cleaning in Calgary.


So what are you waiting for? Contact our experienced team to get your stack cleaned today!

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sewer Cleaning Services

Steam Flushing to Clean Stacks

Our trained team can clean your stacks thoroughly using steam.

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