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Video Equipment

Drain Inspections in Calgary 

Expect up-to-date technology and time-efficient methods when you call The Drain Doctor™ for pipe inspections at your Calgary home or business. Our service vans bring the video equipment to find your drain’s problems before we take any action. We then use USB and Dropbox to provide a video of the site to you. Get in touch with us for drain inspections in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


Our technicians use two types of video equipment to fit the pipes involved and the drainage problems involved. Our smaller and larger video equipment trucks include:

 Push Tape

  • Smaller “push tape” units used to video 3”-6” pipes inside the building
  • Includes power augering the pipe, which shows the before and after the condition of the pipe
  • Self-levelling camera for better footage of the site

 A Wide Variety of Applications

  • Used to send video camera crawlers down 6” and larger pipe
  • Can do laser profiling of the pipe walls to see if the pipe is still round after installation or does the pipe have any deficiencies
  • “LETS” video camera system – used to video the main line and the lateral pipes at the same time
  • We use USB and Dropbox to provide videos to customers.
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