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What is a Typical Cause of a Sewer Backup?

flooding man hole

Believe it or not, small plumbing leaks can waste up to ten thousand gallons of water each year. 


If your household is typical, you've probably experienced your share of common plumbing issues. Poor pipe health can cause foul odours, indoor leaks, and mould. It can even lead to physical issues such as nausea and intestinal problems. 


If you're noticing clogged drains and rust, you could be a victim of some of the sewer backup Calgary experiences from time to time. 


Here's what could be causing it.


Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a common cause of sewer backup. Sometimes, tea bags, coffee grinds, or eggshells get thrown down the drain and cause problems. These should be disposed of in the garbage can to avoid drain clogs.


Similarly, you can get clogged drains from cooking oil or grease that accumulates in your pan and gets caught in the drain. 


Instead of pouring the grease down the drain or washing your pan with the grease still inside, dispose of the liquid separately. You can pour it into a beverage carton or take-out container before discarding it.


Pouring grease directly into a trash bin causes it to melt. It's important to make sure it is cooled and contained before tossing it in the trash.


Your drain may also become clogged due to hair in the shower. A hair catcher in your drain can help to prevent the problem. 


It would help if you also regularly cleaned your bathroom sink so unwanted items don't end up in the drain. These include things like toothpaste, hair, or moisturizer. Being mindful of what ends up down your drain can help prevent a damaged sewer line.


Tree Roots 

Another common reason for a sewer line blockage could be overgrown tree roots. If a root that's too long reaches a small leak, it could cause a hole or sewer backup. 


If you want to avoid this problem, you'll need to keep an eye on any trees on your property that have roots near your house. You may need to call a professional tree removal service to prevent future problems if necessary.



It's normal for your property to experience a certain amount of rain each year. However, after heavy rain, it's possible for your municipal sewer system to reach its maximum ability to hold water.


Extra water may travel to the sewer lines connected to your house when this happens. The backflow of water into your sink is a sign that water from the main sewer line in your neighbourhood is backing up onto your property.  


Sewer Backup Calgary

If you're noticing strange odours, bubbling toilets, and multiple clogs, chances are you've got a classic sewer backup Calgary-style. You'll need to get in touch with a plumbing professional who can get your home up and running again.


Don't stop getting smart about your home's plumbing problems. For experts in the Calgary area, contact us today


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