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Solve Clogs with Sewer Snaking Services in Calgary 

One way to solve clogged drains in your household or business is through sewer snaking. At The Drain Doctor, we are sewer drain cleaning pros. We’re trusted by homeowners and business owners throughout Calgary to address drain-cleaning issues. Whether you’re a homeowner with a clogged bathtub or a business owner with a backed-up drain, you can rely on us to snake your drains and get you flowing again.

What is Sewer Snaking?

Sewer snaking, or drain snaking, is the method of using a steel cable with a coil at one end, called an auger, to clear out a drain. The auger is inserted and extended into the pipe to eliminate blockages. In most cases, the auger is much longer than the pipe, so you don’t need to worry about length concerns.

When to Consider Sewer Snaking?

You should think about sewer snaking for basic clogs. It’s perfect for:

  • Kitchen sinks

  • Bathtub and shower drains

  • Toilets

  • Main sewer lines

Benefits of Sewer Snaking

Sewer snaking has been shown to be effective for nearly all basic clogs. It’s a decades-old method for handling slow drains, frequent clogs, and even solving drain odours that come from clogged drains. It also has no risk of damaging your pipes, unlike hydro-jetting. Sewer snaking is a much gentler process.

Step-by-Step Process

The process of sewer drain cleaning using a snake is fairly straightforward. The process will usually be:

  1. The plumber will insert the end of the snake into the mouth of the blocked drain

  2. The cable is fed into the drain either with a hand crank or by a motor

  3. The plumber extends the cable until it reaches the clog

  4. Once there, the snake operator will either release more cable or crank it back. Extending the cable with enough force can break through the clog or dislodge it from the pipe. Pulling it back can also remove the clog through the drain’s opening.

Why Choose The Drain Doctor for Sewer Drain Cleaning in Calgary

It can be tempting to try cleaning your drains yourself. However, if used incorrectly, a snake can cause even more damage to your pipes. You might create more clogs, gouge holes in your pipes, and even cause water back-ups. Older pipes are more susceptible to damage as they have corroded over time. Worst of all, it can also cause injuries that can worsen through infection.

Sewer drain cleaning is best left to the pros. At The Drain Doctor in Calgary, we know what we’re doing and how to properly address the clogs in your pipes. We offer drain cleaning services to keep your pipes flowing easily no matter what. We have a diverse fleet of vehicles to better serve your needs.

Contact us today for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Clean My Sewer Line?

Your sewer line carries plumbing waste away from your home or business. Cleaning it can help prevent critical backup, property damage, and health risks. 

Newer homes will likely not have any issues, but older homes or homes with larger root systems nearby should consider having their sewer lines inspected and cleaned every couple of years. 

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?
You might think of cleaning your drains as something other than regular home maintenance. However, drain maintenance can prevent future problems.

How often you need to clean them will vary depending on how old your home is and what type of plumbing you have. Generally, you should have your drains cleaned every few years, though you may want to have them cleaned more often if needed.

Why Do Drains Get Clogged?
Your drain can become clogged for all manner of reasons. Even if you are extremely careful about what you put down your drains, they can still accumulate clogs over time.


Sediment builds up, restricting the flow of water. This is quite common in bathrooms where hair and soap scum stick to the interior of the drain pipe. Over time, you’ll notice that water takes longer to drain than it used to.

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