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Drain Cleaning

Effective Drain Cleaning for Calgary Businesses

Restaurants and other commercial sites have their own drain problems. Here at The Drain Doctor, we have the trained personnel and professional equipment to handle all issues. Don’t let overflowing sinks, clogged restroom drains or a backed-up sewer line shut down your business. Talk to our experts for top-quality drain cleaning in Calgary for all commercial drains.


What Our Drain Services Include

We have a wide variety of services that our team can take care of:

  • Kitchen sinks

  • Main sewers

  • Floor drains

  • Bathroom drains

  • Fountains

  • Planter drains

  • Grease trap outlines

  • Grease traps

  • Lab sinks

  • Sump outlines

  • Vent stacks

  • Sanitary stacks

  • Sanitary or storm drains

  • Laundry machine drain lines

  • Commercial dishwasher lines

  • Lift stations

Who Needs Our Drain Cleaning Service?

Our team is well-equipped to handle any commercial property with drain issues. We deal with:

  • Government buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Spaces

  • Schools

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Hotels

  • Churches

  • And more

If you have other drain issues, get in touch with our team.

24/7 Drain Cleaning in Calgary

Call The Drain Doctor for emergency draining cleaning in Calgary day or night. You will speak to a real person at our 24/7 answering service. Top-quality service is our main priority, which is why our employees are certified, have criminal clearances, and provide long-term results for all customers.


You don’t have to lose time and money dealing with drains that are slow and regularly back up. Take action and contact The Drain Doctor; we can clear any clogged drain.

Signs You Need Our Drain Cleaning Services

Ignoring the signs of drainage system failure can cost your pocket in the long run. Some of the indications to get your drains cleaned include: 

  • Odour
    Sewage waste buildup in the pipes can generate a strong odour throughout your home.
  • Recurrent Clogs
    If frequent blocks occur in your toilet, it means your home is experiencing a major clog problem.
  • Unusual Sounds
    Strange noises come when a drain is blocked, and the water has to be pushed through small gaps.
  • Slow-Flowing Drains
    Objects such as hair, grease and waste build-up can lead to slow-flowing drains.

Common Drain Issues

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a chain hotel. A drain issue is inevitable without proper care or maintenance. Two common issues are:


  • Drain Clog
    The most common type of issue that companies deal with is a clogged drain. This typically occurs when there isn’t proper maintenance and care. For instance, when items other than toilet paper are flushed down the toilets or oil enters the pipe walls for kitchen drains.


  • Clogs from Tree Roots
    Significant damage to the sewer line can be caused by tree roots, which lead to clogs. If you hear loud noises, that is a sign to call a professional from our team.


Take Preventative Action

You don’t have to lose time and money dealing with drains that are slow and regularly back up. Take action and contact The Drain Doctor. We are here to offer drain cleaning services in Calgary. We are also proficient in providing grease trap cleaning and main line cleaning services.


Before your slow drain becomes a costly repair, ask about The Drain Doctor’s FREE tailored preventative maintenance drain cleaning. Call us today at 403-243-3490 for information and service.

Reliable and Reputable Service

Interested to learn more about our services?  Connect with us today.

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