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Proactive measures to prevent sewer smells in your business

As a business owner, ensuring your plumbing system is functioning properly and free from unpleasant odours is essential. Sewer smells can be more than just an inconvenience — they can also be hazardous to your employees’ health and create a negative impression on your customers. Here’s what you need to know about preventing sewer smells in your commercial property.

Dried out P-trap that causes sewer smells in a commercial property

What causes sewer smells?

Here are the five leading causes of nasty odours coming from your plumbing:


1.      Clogged drains. When debris like food particles and grease accumulate in the drain, they can trap grime, which leads to unpleasant odours.


2.      Leaky pipes. Leaks in your plumbing system can cause sewer gases to escape into your property.


3.      Blocked vents. Sewer vents are designed to redirect smelly gases outdoors. However, if the vents are damaged, blocked or broken, the odorous gases can escape inside your building.


4.      Accumulated biofilm. Biofilm often forms when grease, food debris and other substances accumulate and stick together. When this slimy film decomposes, it can create a smelly, sewage-like odour.


5.      Dried out P-trap. P-traps are designed to retain water and block sewer gases. However, if a drain isn’t used regularly, the water inside the trap can evaporate, leaving it dry and susceptible to odours.


How to prevent stinky sewer smells

Here are a few tips for keeping nasty smells at bay:


·       Use drain traps. Drain traps are designed to catch and prevent debris from entering your drainage system. Installing drain traps is an easy and affordable way to prevent odours from coming up through your pipes.


·       Don’t abuse your plumbing. Pouring unsuitable products, like grease and oil, down your drains can cause clogs and unpleasant odours. You should also avoid pouring harsh cleaning chemicals down the drain, as they can damage your pipes and fittings.


·       Regularly clear your drains. Periodically flush your drains using a plunger or drain snake to keep your pipes flowing freely. You can also try baking soda and vinegar to help dissolve build-up inside your pipes.


·       Add water to dry floor drains: Dry floor drains can emit unpleasant odours due to the lack of water in the trap. To remedy this, simply pour a bucket of water down the drain to refill the trap. This creates a barrier that prevents sewer gases from rising up and causing smells in your home.


·       Invest in regular maintenance. Have your plumbing system inspected regularly by a professional like The Drain Doctor™. This ensures that everything is in good working order and addresses potential issues before they become significant problems.


Commercial plumbing services in Calgary

Don’t wait for sewer smells to become a problem — take proactive steps to protect your business. The qualified plumbers at The Drain Doctor™ can perform various commercial plumbing tasks, including augering, jetting and snaking, to keep your taps flowing freely. We also offer storm sewer and sanitary drain cleaning and grease pit and trap cleaning. Our fleet of trucks can handle just about any plumbing situation. Contact us today in Calgary to schedule an appointment.


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