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Celebrating 42 Years! Local & Family-owned Since 1981.

We’ve been the Calgary community’s trusted choice for residential and commercial drain services.

Drain Services in Calgary You Can Trust!

The Drain Doctor™ is proud to offer drain cleaning services in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We provide fast and dependable emergency drain clearing for homeowners and businesses. Our family-owned and operated business strives to offer commercial and residential drain and septic services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your drain professionals are ready to serve you, and you’re just a phone call away from comprehensive drain services in Calgary. Get in touch with us today if you require any assistance or information!

Our fleet of service trucks is fully equipped to cater to all your residential and commercial drain cleaning needs.


Why Do You Need Professional Drain Services?

There are many reasons for drain problems, including blockages and aging lines. If the drains in your residential or commercial property are not functioning correctly, it is time to contact professionals. Here is why you need our professional drain services for your home or business in Calgary:


  • Get rid of foul odours

Strange smells from your drains are a sign of waste build-up in your plumbing system. We use pressurized water to get away debris, dirt and odour-causing sediment stuck to your pipe walls.

  • Fix clogged drains

Clogged drains can be difficult to deal with and even more challenging to fix. They are best left to the professionals, or regular cleaning can help you prevent them in the first place.

  • Avoid recurring clogs

If clogs have become a recurring problem, a deeper problem of accumulated oils or grease within the drain is the reason. Calling our professional service will surely be of help.

  • Prevent downtime

A clogged drain at home can cause inconvenience, but it can become a more complex issue while running a business. You can avoid costly downtimes with proper drain cleaning service.

  • No pipe problems

Preventive maintenance is an effective measure to avoid future pipe problems. Flushing out your pipes maintains the integrity and health of your plumbing system.


At The Drain Doctor™ drain services, we offer 24/7 commercial and residential drain services to deal with emergencies. You can call our team if you need any service!

Have A Drain Problem In Calgary? The Drain Doctor™ Technicians Can Help

The Drain Doctor™ technicians are highly trained, licensed and insured. They pride themselves on providing high-quality drain services Calgary customers can depend on.


Do you have a clogged drain full of grease, hair or debris? The Drain Doctor™ technicians can clean out both residential and commercial drain lines, including restaurant drain lines.

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 The Drain Doctor™ technician serves customers in locations throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. Talk to a real person! For immediate service 24 hours a day and 7 days each week, call 403-243-3490.

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