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Cost Saving Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen Using Grease Traps

Restaurants all over Canada are currently undergoing some hardships. Even starting a restaurant business costs you about $300,000 on average. Finding cost-saving tips is therefore crucial for your kitchen operations. One of the best ways to save money on your kitchen is by checking your grease traps. 

But what are grease traps? How does it help you save money as a small business owner? Read on to learn about how maintenance for your grease traps can help you save on expenses.


What are Grease Traps?

Grease traps are plumbing devices used to catch all grease before it enters a wastewater disposal system. They're important since large amounts of oil can cause untreated sewage to release into the environment. 


When kitchen wastewater enters a grease trap, the grease rises to the surface and is trapped. The grease-free water then exits through the bottom and into the sewer. 


Grease cools and solidifies in pipes, meaning neglecting to use grease traps causes blockages. This might lead to sewer overflows, which you certainly don't want for your establishment. 


How to Use Grease Traps to Lower Your Costs?

But grease traps are more than just simple tools to keep grease out of the sewers. Let's discuss ways that it helps save you money in the long run. 


Don't Pour Grease Directly

Just because grease traps are built to catch grease doesn't mean you should be pouring grease or oil in there directly. Use metal containers for safer storage. 


When you call your Calgary grease trap cleaning professionals for a checkup, you can hand those containers over. This will prevent your trap from reaching its capacity too quickly. 


Get Rid of Solid Food

Always get rid of solid food before pouring liquid down the grease trap. While the traps catch fats, oils, and greases, solid food can hamper their efficiency. 


Have a system in place where your employees can get rid of solid items before dumping any liquid down the drain. Consider using a strainer to sort the food out. 


Install Traps Correctly

This might sound silly, but a lot of restaurants don't install their traps correctly. This leads to frequent cleaning and increased costs. 


If noises are coming from the trap, grease is leaking onto the floor, or the trap just isn't collecting grease properly, it's time to check if it's installed correctly. 


Optimize Kitchen Protocols

You can revise your kitchen protocol to improve your grease trap's effectiveness. This includes reducing the amount of fat your kitchen uses by recycling oil whenever possible. 


You can use exhaust filters to vaporize fats and oil and remember to wipe your dishes before throwing them in the sink. These practices are incredibly beneficial for Calgary businesses. 


Clean Regularly

The more frequently you clean your grease trap, the more you'll get out of it. Calling a Calgary grease trap cleaning service will help you reduce the chance of any overflows. 


It is recommended to get a routine cleaning complete every one to two months, depending on how large the grease trap is. Make sure to keep up with an ongoing schedule to avoid higher replacement costs.  


Call Grease Trap Cleaning Calgary Services Today

You'd never guess it, but cleaning your grease trap can save you hundreds! Use this guide to help you decide whether a cleaning service is right for you. Contact us today, and we'll get you started on a solution right away!


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