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Why Sump Pump Cleaning Is Important for Your Business?

Calgary has seen the brunt of a lot of extreme weather recently, exceeding the typical annual rainfall total in July 2016, with The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicting that this summer “will be rainier and slightly cooler than normal.” For Calgary business owners, flooding, and/or flooding prevention remains top-of-mind. To prevent the devastation of the 2013 floods, business owners are encouraged to ensure their sump receives proper maintenance and cleaning annually to keep storm or sewer drains from backing up into their facility.


Whether in the basement of your business or the lower level of your parkade, your sump needs proper maintenance. Mud buildup in your sump that rises to the standpipe is just the beginning of sump problems. When the mud moves down line, it can plug your drain line, causing damaging backups.

The Drain Doctor™ drain services have been Calgary’s sump cleaning answer for over 36 years with low-profile trucks and personnel certified in confined space entry for quick, professional sump cleaning anywhere you need us. Our certified drain technicians address a host of drainage issues that affect residential and business owners.

Sumps and sump pumps generate a variety of questions, like “why is sump pump cleaning important for my business?” The short answer is that your sump pumps prevent basements from flooding in locations where the water table is above a building’s foundation or during heavy rains – your sump pump is the last line of defence when it comes to flood prevention.

Sumps work when water that finds its way into the building is diverted to the sump pit. The pump then is submerged in this “wet well” or sump pit, generally at the lowest point of the building. When the water reaches a set level, it triggers a float switch, which activates the pump and diverts water from the well to the building’s exterior. Commercial/industrial sump pumps are built for long-term, heavy-duty use with specially treated cast iron exteriors, stainless steel internal components, and fewer seals and gaskets that are prone to failure. They usually require three-phase power and operate at high voltages.

Another reason for investing in a commercial sump pump is it can help you avoid thousands of dollars in damage to your building, furniture, fixtures, and inventory. Hotels, apartment buildings, and other commercial properties may have elevator sumps to prevent flooding in elevator shafts – so safety issues for the building’s inhabitants are then, the third reason.

Peace of mind comes in at reason four; a battery backup sump pump or one of many water-powered backup systems (that uses water supply pressure to remove water from the sump pit) will protect your property against flooding. Backup sump pumps also protect property against an excessive inflow of water, stuck floats, and broken impellers.

Finally, to ensure you are protected, it’s important to consider the quality of materials. Commercial sump pump installations involve significant expertise in all phases, including digging a sump pit of adequate depth and diameter, related interior and exterior plumbing work, effective placement of the trigger switch, necessary electrical connections, and decisions about backup systems. Once installed, it’s important to regularly test your pump and engage in routine preventive maintenance.

The Drain Doctor™ technicians also recommend a professional sump cleaning every six months to a year for optimal maintenance and offer a free preventative maintenance program so you can avoid costly emergency services in the future. If you have questions for our highly trained, licensed and insured technician about the sump pump cleaning we offer Calgary businesses, contact The Drain Doctor™ at 587-328-0705 today for immediate service 24 hours a day and seven days each week.


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