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The role of high-pressure drain cleaning in commercial properties

If you are looking for solutions to deal with clogged or dirty drain systems in your Calgary property, you have probably come across high-pressure drain cleaning. As a powerful and efficient cleaning solution, high-pressure drain cleaning plays an important role in maintaining the plumbing infrastructure of commercial buildings. 

But how can this service help your business, and why is it better than traditional drain cleaning methods?

A drain cleaning expert uses high-pressure drain cleaning to deal with clogged drain systems

What Is High-Pressure Drain Cleaning and How Can it Help My Business?


High-pressure drain cleaning is an efficient and powerful method for cleaning blockages and debris from pipes and drain systems using jets of pressurized water. This procedure can be very useful for a wide variety of commercial properties, such as restaurants with food waste going down the sink or commercial buildings with washrooms that are subject to constant use. 


In many cases, a clogged drain system can completely stop the operations of a business, which often requires immediate action and effective solutions. High-pressure drain cleaning is a quick and efficient method that can help you with a wide range of drain issues, such as:


·       Grease and fat in clogged sinks

·       Debris stuck in pipes

·       Toilet paper, soap scum and other materials in toilets

·       Leaves and twigs in gutters

·       Clogged drainage systems


Is High Pressure Drain Cleaning More Efficient than Traditional Methods?

Yes. In most cases, traditional cleaning methods rely on either time-consuming or less effective alternatives. For instance, pipe snaking doesn’t completely clean pipes and generally works only with smaller clogs and simpler issues. It doesn’t do much with more challenging and bigger clogs. 

Manually removing a clog by separating and taking pipes apart can sometimes get the problem solved but it is probably the hardest and most time-consuming method. 

Lastly, using chemicals to clean or unclog drain systems will generally be effective with organic substances, but it might not work with other types of debris such as plastic and other materials. Moreover, some chemicals used to unclog pipes are toxic and can be dangerous if not properly handled.

High-pressure drain cleaning is often the most efficient way to clean pipes and drains of commercial properties. With powerful jets of pressurized water, this method can help you quickly and efficiently remove most types of clogs and debris without worrying about the risks of chemical products or the inefficiency of manual work. 

For that reason, it has become a common choice among business owners looking for drain-cleaning solutions for their commercial properties.


Efficient High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary


Having issues with a clogged pipe in your commercial property? Looking for quick and effective high-pressure drain cleaning services in Calgary? We have got you covered.


At The Drain Doctor™, we provide a wide range of reliable services to help you keep your business clean and your operations running. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, and let us provide you with efficient drain cleaning solutions.


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