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Stack Cleaning Calgary: Your Guide to Multi-Storey Drain Cleaning

Multi-storey drain cleaning in Calgary

Cities like Calgary are full of multi-storey buildings, with Calgary having some of the tallest skyscrapers in Canada. But multi-storey buildings do not come without challenges, including the building plumbing. So, how do you approach multi-storey drain cleaning?

The plumbing system can quickly develop problems if drain cleaning isn't done. Stack cleaning in Calgary is essential to manage plumbing in multi-storey buildings.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about this plumbing procedure.

What Is Stack Cleaning?

Plumbing stacks refer to the drains of your plumbing system that removes waste from all drains in the building. As you can imagine, multi-storey buildings often have many drains, including toilets and sinks. Vertical pipes often connect these to stacks that remove all waste.

Sometimes you cannot avoid drainage build-ups. However, you can ensure you have regular drain cleaning to keep the plumbing system operating at its optimum capability. Stack cleaning refers to the cleaning of these vertical pipes in multi-storey buildings.

How Stack Cleaning in Calgary Works

Stack cleaning in multi-storey buildings depends on the types of stacks. For example, if you have offset stacks, it is best to auger the pipes. In multi-storey buildings, a few floors can usually be augered at once.

Another way to approach stack cleaning in multi-storey buildings is with steam flushing. This combination of heat and pressure effectively removes all types of drain build-up, including in thawing pipes. Steam flushing uses high-pressure and high-heat water to flush all your drains clean.

Benefits of Stack Cleaning

Plumbing has come a long way since its beginnings. However, pipes and stacks are still vulnerable to build-up. Here are some of the benefits of including stack cleaning as part of your plumbing maintenance:

  • Prolongs life of plumbing stacks

  • Prevents plumbing issues such as blockages

  • Ensures free-flowing drainage

  • Cost-savings on plumbing maintenance

  • Avoids building damage

  • Maintains a healthy building environment

Stack cleaning ensures your plumbing is functioning efficiently. Stack cleaning also prolongs the life of stacks, offering cost savings. You also save money in different ways.

For example, you will avoid costly risks such as flooding due to drainage build-up. You also do not have to worry about emergency plumbing calls due to frequent blockages and other issues with a lack of stack cleaning.

Stack cleaning also protects your building environment. Over time dirty stacks can cause a variety of health risks. Ensure vertical pipes are flowing to the sewage system without delay.

The Best Stack Cleaning in Calgary

Stack cleaning in Calgary is essential to keep your multi-storey building operating smoothly. However, finding a reputable provider to carry out this drain cleaning procedure is essential. Otherwise, you could end up with more plumbing issues.

The Drain Doctor has been serving Calgary and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. We offer a variety of commercial and residential drain cleaning services. From plumbing inspections to stack cleaning, we have you covered.

Contact us today to discuss your drain cleaning needs.


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