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How do You Fix a Slow Draining Drain?

Clogged drain with hair

A pretty common problem for homeowners to face is a clogged drain. A slow draining sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or shower can be frustrating when the water is running. 

If you have a blocked drain in Calgary, you're probably looking for solutions. The water might drain, but way too slow. You don't want water sitting in your sink without going down. 

Read on to learn more about slow drain solutions for your drain.


Remove the Sink Pop-Up From the Drain

There is something in the sink called a pop-up in sinks, especially in bathrooms. The pop-up goes down to hold water in the sink. Then you pop it back up to drain the water. 


The pop-up part down the drain has little pieces that look like fins to catch things going down the sink. It's there to collect debris to prevent slow drains. 


The pop-up typically has a small nut under the sink holding it in place. Take out the nut and pull up the pop-up. Clean off any hair or debris caught on the pop-up. This might help water drain more quickly.


Use a Homemade Drain Cleaner

If that isn't enough for unclogging drains, you can also use a homemade drain cleaner. Avoid store-bought drain cleaners as they can damage your pipes if used excessively.


Instead, make a homemade drain cleaner to attempt to clean the pipes. Start by boiling some water in a large pan. Then add a half cup of baking soda to the hot water.  


Pour some of this substance into your sink. Then pour in about a half cup of white vinegar. You will hear the fizzing in your sink. Hopefully, this is helping to clear out what is causing your sink to drain slowly. 


Clean With Zip-It Tool

There's a simple drain clearing tool called a zip-it tool. You can purchase this at most any home improvement store. 


Take the zip-it tool and slide it down the drain. Move it around so the tool can grab anything that might still be clogging the drain. Slowly, pull up the tool to remove any hair or debris the tool grabs. 


Use a Plunger

Next, you can use your plunger in your sink. Use it the same way you might use it in your toilet. Be sure to cover the sink overflow opening in your sink so your plunger works most effectively. 


Plunge with some water, and the pressure from the plunger should help dislodge hair or other debris in the sink. 


Call for a Professional 

If none of those steps have worked, it might be time to call in a professional. The drain specialist will have even more specialized tools that can be used to unclog a slow draining sink. 


If necessary, they can take apart pipes to locate the specific problem for the drain. 


Avoid Clogged Drains Using These Tips

It's annoying whether your clogged drain is in the kitchen, bathroom, or shower when the water doesn't go down. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Use these tips to attempt to get your drain working again. 


If you need more help, we're in the business of fixing uncooperative drains. Contact us today, and we'll be there to fix your drain issues. 


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