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Effective strategies for maintaining clean and hygienic floor drains in commercial facilities

Floor drains are a standard fixture in many facilities, including restaurants, hospitals and manufacturing plants. They play a critical role in maintaining a clean and safe environment by preventing water, dirt and debris buildup. Without floor drains, accumulated water and other liquids can cause dangerous slip-and-fall accidents, as well as the growth of harmful bacteria and mould. Here’s an overview of floor drain safety and maintenance.

A floor drain in a commercial facility

What do floor drains do?

Floor drains remove liquids, wastewater and overflow from floor areas and discharge it directly into the sewer and wastewater systems. This keeps your commercial facility clean and dry, while ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Floor drains also protect against water damage by efficiently draining water away from critical areas.

Consequences of neglecting floor drain maintenance

Neglecting floor drain maintenance can result in a cascade of problems that require expensive repairs, including:

· Clogs can cause backups, leading to flooding and contamination

· Debris buildup can impede the flow of water, increasing the risk of overflows

· Water damage can impact the structural integrity and safety of your building

· Bacteria and mould growth can pose health risks to staff and visitors

If minor drain issues aren’t addressed promptly, they can escalate into major problems for your business, including penalties for health code violations.

Why you should invest in preventative maintenance

You can reduce your risk of floor drain issues by being proactive. One effective measure is to install drain screens or grates over your floor drains to stop debris from getting in. Prevent your drains from drying up by regularly refreshing the drain traps with a bucket of soapy water. Create a monthly cleaning schedule in your facility to ensure minor problems get identified early on, saving you time and money in the long run.

Fortunately, The Drain Doctor™ offers FREE preventative drain maintenance services tailored to your business's needs and keep your floor drains trouble-free.

When do you need to call in the professionals?

Although routine maintenance can prevent many issues, there are times when professional plumbing services are necessary. For example, if your floor drain is backed up, drains slowly, or emanates foul odours, it’s best to call a professional. They’ll be able to identify the problem and devise a tailor-made solution quickly.

Commercial plumbing services in Calgary

If you run a business and have issues with your floor drains, the professional team at The Drain Doctor™ can help. We offer commercial floor drain clearing services, and our fleet of trucks includes steam trucks, flush trucks and auger vans to get your drainage flowing freely. Clean drains promote a clean, healthy work environment and help ensure your commercial building is safe and hygienic. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services in Calgary.


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