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A Guide to Common Causes of Clogged Drains at Home

If you own or rent a home, it is likely that you have dealt with a clogged drain. In fact, clearing clogged drains accounts for a big part of the $16.4 billion plumbing industry in Canada.


When you are dealing with a clogged drain, Calgary has a number of trained professionals to clear it. However, you can do your part to prevent clogged drains. There are certain things to avoid that will certainly help keep the drain operating smoothly.


Read on to learn about the plumbing services Calgary has to offer. Explore a guide to the common causes of clogged drains at home.



Hair is one of the most common causes of a clogged drain Calgary residents deal with. It does not matter if it is long hair or shaved beard clippings. Hair gets caught up in soap scum and creates a slimy substance in the drain.


It is still acceptable to brush your hair or shave it over the sink. You can avoid clogged drains simply by removing hair before running the water.


Take a napkin or rag to remove the hair and place it in the trash instead. Another option is to install a hair strainer drain guard to prevent any from going down the drain.


Soap Scum

Unfortunately, soap does not run down the drain, just like water. The soap can build up around the drain. This prevents water from flowing smoothly down the drain.


Soap scum clogging your drain is a common issue. Bar soap is significantly worse than liquid soaps and other hand sanitizers. Soap scum is a foundational substance that attracts hair and other particles that go down the drain.



We have all come in and washed our hands from a dirty task. Whether it is gardening or changing your car’s oil, washing your hands is a foregone conclusion.


However, the dirt and grime on your hands contribute to the clogged sink drain Calgary residents regularly experience. It attaches to the soap scum in the sink and creates a thicker blockage.


Hard Water

Many people do not realize that water itself can contribute to a blockage. Hard water is full of minerals like calcium deposits and other elements.


This is a difficult problem to address once it sets in. Most likely, you will need to bring in a professional to address it. To prevent it, try installing a water softener. Otherwise, you need to remove sediment and regularly descale.



It is common sense that food should not go down your kitchen drain. However, many people still try to force down small bits of food. What happens is that the food gets stuck in the drain. It then contributes to a blockage and does not break down enough to pass.


Hire the Best Plumbing Services Calgary Has to Offer

We have all been there before with a nasty clog. The sink fills up and will not clear despite your best efforts. Over-the-counter products have no effect on them.


You could have prevented it with some knowledge of how drains clog. Avoiding washing hair and food down the drain goes a long way. You can also try preventative measures like installing a water softener.


However, some issues are too serious for DIY maintenance. If you are looking for plumbing services in Calgary, The Drain Doctor™ has professionals that are ready to assist you today.


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