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Calgary’s Trusted Sewer Camera Inspection Provider

Take the guess work out of your plumbing problem with a sewer camera inspection in Calgary. Exactly pinpointing any obstruction in pipes that run throughout a home is difficult if you can’t see what you’re looking for. In the past, a lot of blind digging would be necessary to even find your sewer or plumbing issues. Today, with sewer camera inspections, our technicians can find out where and what the problem is before even starting the project, saving you the expense and hassle of having to dig up your yard. At The Drain Doctor, we use colour DVD video inspections of drain lines from 3” to 48” to assist our drain cleaning services in Calgary.

Pipe inspection has come a long way from its early days. The Drain Doctor fleet carries the latest in HD technology to video main lines and lateral pipes. Our colour DVD video equipment allows our technicians to investigate problems, including:

  • Checking the integrity of pipes
  • Locating tree roots in drain lines
  • Identifying joint failure and cracks in pipes

Video Inspections for Pipe Installation & Troubleshooting

The Drain Doctor also works with you or your contractors to provide professional inspection of pipes for your new construction projects; this helps to confirm their integrity and proper installation.

Our video equipment is also able to “see” the obstructions causing backups in your old drain lines. If your home’s sewer drain backs up frequently or auger services haven’t been able to open a drain, call us to find the problem and plan the solution. That includes locating cracked or collapsed pipes.

Call us to troubleshoot or ask about our regular video line inspections in Calgary. The Drain Doctor’s FREE preventative maintenance tailored to meet your needs can be cost effective in avoiding costly repairs later on.

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