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Call to Thaw Frozen Lines in Calgary

Living in Calgary, we look forward to the warmth of spring and Chinook winds, but that doesn’t mean problems with frozen pipes are over. When early spring temperatures rise enough to melt the snow, the storm system where the water drains is still very cold. The melted snow freezes in the catch basins and pipes, and then forms pools of water. Overnight, when it’s colder, those pools freeze too and so do your pipes.

The Drain Doctor is equipped to safely thaw frozen lines for Calgary homeowners in the dead of winter or early spring. Our flush and steam flush trucks safely thaw lines from the inside the pipes. Our method is also faster and easier. We move steam throughout the water lines, which melts and flushes out any ice clog in the system, no matter its location.

Don’t wait for your pipes to burst. As soon as you have frozen line, call The Drain Doctor for thawing services. Our answering service is available 24/7, and a real person will take your call.

Cleaning Catch Basins for Calgary

You may not think about your catch basins, but they can use a spring cleaning too. If large amounts of gravel have been used during the winter months and/or your mature leafy trees have dropped their leaves into the catch basins, they may be clogged.

In the spring, when the ground has thawed, your storm system should be cleaned to remove all the debris that can clog any catch basin.

Free Preventative Maintenance

For working catch basins and free-flowing drains, ask about our FREE tailored preventative maintenance to avoid costly disasters. Call The Drain Doctor at 403-243-3490 today!

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